Dealer's Den

Welcome to the Dealer's Den! Here we have links to some of the fine folks here to sell you furry fiction at our convention. Chat rooms to discuss items for sale with each seller can be found on the FWG Discord when indicated. Feel free to pop in and chat with our dealer's to get a personal recommendation on a book, story, or product!

Rainbow Dog

Ian Madison Keller

Selling Books, plushies, sewn masks, dice bags

Novels, short story collections, and all sorts of sewn art - including custom plushies, dice bags, hats, and masks.

Discord channel: Yes

Madison "Makyo" Scott-Clary

Madison Scott-Clary

Selling Books

From queer furries trying to get by in a flyover state to far-future gender-weird meta-furry scifi, from contemporary poetry to fictive autobiography, I've got a book for you! Perhaps even five books!

Discord channel: Yes

Byrnas Books
P.C. Hatter
Reid Minnich

Selling Books

Sci-Fi and Furry noir books

Discord channel: Yes

Sir Thaikard

Sir Thaikard

Selling Written commissions

I am a furry writer who has a reputation for writing anything and everything. There are no topics, genres, kinks, or fetishes that I won't touch or combine. My stories are only limited by your imagination and wallet. The first chapter of my book is currently available for free and the second chapter is available for purchase.

Also available on Smashwords.

Discord channel: Yes

Hopeless Heathen

Jacob Soleil

Selling Writing commissions

I specialize in human-on-whatever and femdom stuff, but I'm open to anything that isn't too extreme (e.g. excessive torture, guro, scat, etc.). I deliver only the finest plot and characters, though I can produce pure smut if that’s what you’re after.

Discord channel: Yes

Selling Novels, Role Playing Games (PDF - but we can arrange print copy postage for many)

Paul Kidd's merry little con stall! I have my Novels and my Role Playing Games for sale. I can connect you to PDF sites for instant download, or POD.

Discord channel: No



Selling Books, Comics

The FUSSELSCHWARM is the biggest source of books & comics for furries in Europe. We are an official reseller of Rabbit Valley, Furplanet, Thurston Howl Publications, Goal Publications and Weasel Press. We also offer a wide choice of furry & queer titles by many other English & German publishers and independent artists & writers.

Discord channel: Maybe

Selling Furry novels, novellas, anthologies, comics, and art collections

FurPlanet Productions publishes a wide variety of novels, anthologies, comics, and art collections created by the best authors and artists in the fandom. Our catalog includes works by artdecade, Cheetahpaws, Demicoeur, Fluff Kevlar, Kadath, Kaylii, Kyell Gold, Mary E. Lowd, Rechan, Rukis, Scappo, Tsampikos, Ursula Vernon, and more. We also distribute works from a variety of other publishers both in the fandom and mainstream published.

Discord channel: Maybe

Goal Publications

Sean Gerace

Selling Books (novels/novellas/anthologies), shirts, digital music, and stickers

Goal Publications, a subsidiary of Ottercorrect Literature Services, was founded in 2015, and publishes original works of anthropomorphic fiction.

For more titles and information, please visit our website and storefront at

Goal Publications is in the middle of moving locations, so they're running a stock-reduction sale through the end of October! All paperbacks are 10-30% off (depending on stock level), and stickers/tshirts/tote bags are all 15% off. US orders over $50 (before discounts and shipping) get a free tote bag.

Help them move less books to their new home!

Discord channel: No

Sanguine Games

Norman Rafferty

Selling Books, games, and comics

Since 1999, Sanguine Games has been selling furry games, books, and comics.

Discord channel: No

Fenris Publishing, LLC

Rex Fenris
Leo Fenris

Selling Novels, Novellas, Comics, Art Books, Tabletop RPGs, Gaming Accessories

Fenris Publishing is an official distribution partner for Rabbit Valley and carries a variety of furry literature, art/comic, and tabletop game products from Fenris Publishing, Bewere Books, Rabbit Valley, Fapp Studios, FurPlanet, Sofawolf, and many others.

Discord channel: Yes


Juri Traustur

Selling Artbooks and comics

We are an eshop based in Asia selling furry artbooks and comic from Kokukokuboo 2019 illustrations to Gideon 2020 Art Folio! KOMIKAbooks aims to attract artists to consign or sell their books on our shop. We also do buy back books :)

Discord channel: Yes

Selling My books, and also a few hand-made plushes and some tails and ears.

S.Park Creatures - stuffed animals, tails, ears, and other furry sewing creations, keeping company with S. Park the author, writer of furry, fantasy, and erotica books!

Listing with photos

Discord channel: Yes

Weasel Press

Thurston Howl

Selling Books

Weasel Press is a publisher of poetry, fiction, and play collections. Some of our stuff is NSFW. Our goal is to amplify marginalized voices in publishing.

Discord channel: Maybe

Thurston Howl Publications

Cedric G! Bacon
Thurston Howl

Selling Thurston Howl/BoundTales titles

Purveyors of YA, erotica, horror, and sci-fi, both furry and non furry.

Discord channel: Maybe