About Oxfurred Comma

Oxfurred Comma is an online convention ran by the Furry Writers' Guild taking place from October 17th - 18th in 2020 to help celebrate Furry Book Month.

With COVID-19 hurting writers and publishers within furry fandom, Oxfurred Comma is designed to help celebrate and promote anthropomorphic literature. With panels on writing, a dealer's den dedicated to authors and publishers, and even writing contests, we hope to bring furry writing to even greater heights!

Oxfurred Comma will also be presenting the Oxfurred Comma Inclusivity Award (OCIA). This award will be given to a person that has done work to advance recognition for marginalized peoples and groups within the furry writing community. We have created an awards committee to find potential candidates for the award for our first year, and in the coming years we will accept nominations. We hope this award will help encourage authors, publishers, and editors to do more work in uplifting marginalized authors to have their stories told.